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The Public Affairs Consultancy Practice Group is a cohesive, highly disciplined global consortium of leading public affairs agencies. Their work combines government relations, trade associations, non-profit organizations, media communications, issue management, corporate social responsibility.  They strive to influence public policy, build and maintain a strong reputation and find a general ground with stakeholders.

Our powerful mix of well-connected public affairs firms have extensive professional and political experience, with firm’s partners having served as elected officials, regulators, public relations professionals and business executives.

Member firms offer best-in-class services and a proven track record of:
• Developing political, business, and technical research that drives successful client strategies
• Linking with public officials and rallying community support
• Establishing community and media relations strategies
• Dovetailing public affairs activities into larger corporate communications initiatives
• Identifying and aligning with key organizations and individuals who influence policy and decisions
• Crisis and issue management

As a company grows, so does its profile, its impact, its threats, and the stakes associated with its public affairs efforts. The WORLDCOM Public Affairs Consultancy Practice Group provides access to seasoned veterans who offer geographic expertise and a variety of on-demand, specialized capabilities.

Chair : Sean Rossall
Phone : 323.466.3445

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