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The business-to-business (B2B) landscape has been transformed in recent years by concurrent consolidation and diversification of service offerings.  The ability to adapt and change is a necessity for both clients and the PR firms that serve them.  The rapid adoption of social media and SEO has added an additional layer to the complex B2B marketing equation.

As a result, the need to differentiate organizations and their services has never been greater. This creates an opportunity to employ quality communications to achieve strategic advantage, and a mandate that those serving the B2B market be highly specialized and extremely nimble.

The Worldcom Business Public Relations Practice Group is a multi-national consortium of top public relations firms with broad and deep experience in business to business communications that helps clients achieve competitive advantage.  Made up of both specialist and generalist firms led by seasoned senior practitioners – most of whom are agency principals – the group combines strategic thinking a “get-it-done” philosophy.

Members share proprietary research, tools and robust thought leadership while providing tactical expertise and client support. Clients benefit from a cohesive partnership of geographic and market expertise, along with assured confidentiality and agreed-upon standards of practice.

Among the industries served by the Business to Business PR Practice Group are professional services, financial services, manufacturing, chemical & Industrial, technology and healthcare.

Chair : Amy Bermar
Phone : (617) 969-9192

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