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Public Relations in Europe, Middle East & Africa - EMEA

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The Europe Middle East Africa (EMEA) region is, on the one hand, a basin of diverse cultures, different languages, diverse currencies and varied approaches. The region’s strongest presence is in Europe, but its rapid growth is bringing coverage to emerging markets in the Middle East and Africa. On the other hand, the Worldcom PR network has a common language and culture that enables public relations firms to work together successfully to bring the best PR strategy to clients in campaigns throughout the EMEA region.

Worldcom public relations firms in Europe, Middle East and Africa have strong expertise in a broad variety of industries, including consumer goods, food & beverage, healthcare, technology, telecommunications, finance and public affairs. The region includes innovative firms specializing in building advocates and influence through word-of-mouth in new media, firms that offer unparalleled investor and corporate relations expertise, and those that are masters of the traditional media.

Frequent in-person meetings allow partners to know each other well, exchange best practices, explore new media tools and strengthen our expertise. They grow and share through bi-annual peer reviews of each other’s management practices. The network and communication structure ensures ambitious and high quality standards, synergy of messaging and an optimized budget for the client.

Thanks to its collaborative model the Worldcom Europe, Middle East and Africa PR Group agencies annually share a number of clients including Exxon Mobil, IXIA, Kodak, Rockwell Automation, the Anti-Tobacco Campaign promoted by the European Union, and Verbatim.

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Fast Facts

47 Worldcom offices in Europe, Middle East & Africa - EMEA
679 Staff in Worldcom offices
$185 million Combined office billings last year
1215 Companies served by EMEA offices
42 Companies served by multiple EMEA offices