Client Successes

TQPR Malaysia / Global Toy Recall Crises


Following an investigation, Mattel Inc had its largest toy recall of products containing excessive levels of lead in paint and exposed small magnets, triggering a worldwide chain reaction of China-made product testing and recalls, including other toys, clothes and food.c

Strategy and Action

As the Southeast Asian regional coordinator of the crises, TQPR Malaysia worked closely with TQPR Thailand, TQPR Vietnam and Fulford PR Singapore and two other non-Worldcom members in Indonesia and The Philippines. To recall products that did not meet Mattel’s high standards, authorities (ie. US Consumer Product Safety Commission) were immediately informed, retailers were requested to immediately remove affected products from shelves and consumers were advised how to return their affected toys.


A majority of the media published information on steps for consumers to return their toys, as well as updates and details of the toys affected by the recalls.