Client Successes

Norama Tour Operator, Bergamo, Italy –


To promote and sell special travels and trips towards still undiscovered sites in Finland, Norway, Sweden, Greenland and Svalbard Islands.

Strategy and Action:

The Finnish culture of the agency for a long business relationship with the Finnish Forest Industries was a great help in finalizing the communication strategy and the media. The successful communication strategy has been concentrated on the discovery of the countries involved, their way of life, culture, climate, daylight and perpetual night times. Travel and trips programmes with very special quality features, personalized and studied for individuals. High class hospitality and discovery tours.
Intensive media relations activity and educational trips for high class magazines. Interviews and video shooting for TV networks. Photo services.
Testimonial interviews: one of the testimonial represented by the True Santa Claus.


Client is selling to VIP expensive high class trips to still undiscovered northern European countries sites.