Client Successes

LF Channel / IDC leading market intelligence


IDC is a premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the information technology, telecommunications and consumer technology markets. IDC organizes conferences targeting IT professionals and executives as part of its services, and needs to boost visibility for each and every one despite the clogged schedule (min. one per month) and last minute materials which create weariness among journalists.

Strategy and Action

Offering the right angles on the conference topics to segmented targets is key to attract their interest. Interviews, op-eds, special issues and round table opportunities detection is instrumental to achieve results that go beyond episodic presence at a specific event.

LF Channel follows up proactively spokespeople and topic-related media to anticipate contents and raise opps before, during and after the conference A special press release summarizes the conference to feed all sort of news.


Round tables with IntereconomiaTV, the top economic TV channel in Spain - more than 6 million views. Articles in the press about the conference results; Interviews with IDC experts in different media; Op-eds opportunities in the specialized press for leading IDC analysts.