Client Successes

BUSINESS PRESS - MILAN / COTTON USA - Naturally! Challenge Cotton Council International (CCI) the US organization that worldwide promotes the quality of the US grown cotton fiber across the entire textile supply chain (spinners, weavers, manufacturers, brands, retailers) and to consumers with the COTTON USA Mark as quality seal for apparel garments and home textile products. Business Press created an integrated communication campaign aiming at promoting the use of US cotton in Italy by the textile operators, raising consumer brand awareness. Strategy and Action Agency rolled out an integrated campaign mixing: - offline: consumer advertising on leading national publications in line with the target pointing at the "natural" aspect of US cotton, media relations and press events - online: development and constant updating of COTTON USA websites (, more service-oriented for textile operators and, more information and curiosity oriented for end-users), consumer advertising campaign, special consumer projects Results The COTTON USA Mark and the Italian licensed products achieved great media exposure from national media, both COTTON USA websites are registering positive traffic results through the year. In particular the consumer one is very sensitive to special online initiatives or online advertising bursts which drive end users to visit this website in order to get informed on US cotton and the COTTON USA label and therefore registering a peak of visits in the period.