Worldcom Managing Director

  1. The opportunity

    This is an exciting opportunity to further develop and strengthen a 25 year old global partnership of independent PR and communications consultancies. The role is for a full-time Managing Director, reporting to the Group Board Chair of Worldcom.

    The primary duties are to manage, direct and “elevate Worldcom” by running the organization on a full-time basis and to assist its partners to operate and compete more effectively in the global public relations marketplace.

    This will be achieved by: directing the day-to-day operations of the organization; supporting the boards running the organization; helping to recruit new partners; assisting partners in maximizing their investment in Worldcom; marketing the Worldcom brand and elevating the image of the organization. When and if possible, identifying and assisting as needed with new business opportunities and presentation preparation at the request of Worldcom partners.

  2. The required skills and experience

    The right person will:

    1. Operate at the highest ethical standards of the profession
    2. Have a collaborative leadership style
    3. Have proven business and leadership experience
    4. Have demonstrated capability of running and growing a marketing, communications or public relations organization, and be perceived as a peer and trusted advisor
    5. Have a global outlook, international understanding, and international client/business experience
    6. Have senior level client and/or agency experience
    7. Be capable of representing Worldcom at the highest level with other public relations networks, organizations and trade groups as needed. Interface with the media and appear at public events as requested by partners
    8. Be goal-oriented and motivated to exceed targets
    9. Have good organizational skills and be capable of developing operating systems that free both the Partners and the administrative support to focus on delivering valuable outcomes
    10. Be fluent in English (speak, read and write)
    11. Have a high level of strategic and financial management experience
    12. Maintain a high level of discretion when dealing with sensitive/confidential information
    13. Be able to work independently and to exercise sound judgment
    14. Be conversant and skilled in social media for marketing, partner information exchange and resource sharing
    15. Be based near a travel hub and be capable of traveling easily to all three of the Worldcom regions
  3. Compensation

    The compensation will be $125,000 (USD) in the first year, to which may be added a nominal bonus linked to the creation of revenue for Worldcom if established targets of new partner recruitment and sponsorships are met. There will be opportunity for salary increases in future years as year-over-year revenue increases from non-dues income.

  4. Day-to-day responsibilities

    The role is split between executing the Board’s strategy and ensuring the effective and efficient administration of the organization. It will include the following:

    1. Management - The MD will need to ensure that:
      1. Group and regional Boards receive the support they need to operate effectively
        • Provide counsel and continuity to Group and Region boards, committees, and task forces
        • Ensure that officers and Group and Region Board members carry out their duties
      2. AGM and Region meetings deliver value to Partners
        • Aid the chair to run well-organized meetings with strong preparation, facilitation and timely follow-up
        • Assure meeting facility and content quality by giving guidance on the meeting planning process and requirements, as well as on the usual requirements of the host facility
        • Assist with meeting agendas and speakers with agenda planning committee
        • Assist with facility, dining, tour commitments with host partners
        • Establish and manage meeting budgets; oversee, approve all expenditures
        • Promote meetings to achieve high levels of attendance
      3. The financial administration is transparent and effective
        • Manage the development and oversight of annual budgets
        • Manage, with board treasurer, the collection of member dues and fees
        • Coordinate with attorneys managing the required documentation for trade mark registrations, other documentation
        • Ensure that the corporation meets its legal obligations to shareholders / partners as defined in the bylaws
      4. Manage administrative team or person to effectively support the MD and operate the organization with maximum efficiency and productivity
    2. Partnership – The MD will support the partners through
      1. Partner communications, engagement, and knowledge capture and sharing - The MD will make sure that partners find the resources of the partnership easily accessible, and are able to easily interact and successfully work together. Further, the MD should ensure that the partnership has the resources it needs to capture and share partner best practices and knowledge
    3. Brand & Profile Building- The MD will assist the marketing committee, Group Board Chairman and other key partners in maintaining high visibility for the Worldcom brand. This will include:
      1. Creating content that helps set the partnership apart from competitors, and reinforcing Worldcom’s positioning
      2. Ensuring that Worldcom has all the necessary digital and social media assets to achieve and sustain a lead position online for PR and communications
      3. Representing the partnership at conferences and in the media etc. when required
    4. Funding – The MD will be responsible for
      1. Recruiting sponsors to support region and/or global board and funding requirements
      2. Establishing collaborative business relationships to add funding to region and/or global board funds, and discounted services to provide added ROI to partners
      3. Securing new partners of the highest calibre through support to Global and Region board partners
    5. Business development - This program will include:
      1. Providing marketing materials and administrative support to multi-partner new business pitches upon request; developing and implementing a plan for compensation by partners involved
      2. Working with partners to develop new business opportunities with shared clients; developing and implementing a plan for compensation by partners involved