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Outside the Linhart PR Office: Three Questions with Paul Raab

In our ongoing series, here’s what Paul Raab, senior vice president and partner, told us about his life outside of the office: What do you enjoy collecting? Paintings and prints. On a whim, I purchased an antique equestrian print as a gift for my wife, Sue, in a dusty shop in the French Quarter years…

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The Blurring Of Journalism, Again…
Since time immemorial, sharp reporters/editors would basically stop at very little to get a scoop on a breaking news story for their publications.
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Klondike Launches “The Best Ice Cream Bar Ever Conceived”

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lynda.com appoints Kaizo to support expansion across EMEA
Kaizo has been appointed by lynda.com, a leading online learning company, to deliver an integrated communications programme and support the company’s growth plans outside the United States. In 2013, lynda.com received $103million of private equity funding to expand globally. Kaizo’s …
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Kaizo helps Imago Techmedia to build IT infrastructure show IP EXPO Europe
Kaizo has been appointed by Imago Techmedia, the cutting-edge event organisers behind IP Expo EUROPE and Connected Business. Kaizo will initially support the team in delivering a bigger, better IP EXPO Europe show for 2014. With backing from London & Partners, IP …
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Outside the Linhart PR Office: Three Questions with Robin Zimmerman

In on our ongoing series, here’s what Robin Zimmerman, senior account executive, told us about her life outside the office: What nonprofit organization do you enjoy volunteering for? How did you get involved? What’s the latest thing you are doing for them?  I’ve been a Big Sister through Big Brothers Big Sisters of Colorado (BBBS) for nearly…

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Kaizo Summer Sizzle 2014
The sun shined, the drinks flowed and a great night was had by all! A massive thank you to all those who attended and made it the best Kaizo Summer Sizzle yet. We hope you enjoyed the night as much …
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The Value of a Social Fan

Recently we’ve seen interesting conversations on the value (+/-) of social fans. The Wall Street Journal published “Social Media Fail to Live Up to Early Marketing Hype” and the SFGate posted “Tweets and likes don’t translate into buys.” The Journal highlights how The Ritz-Carlton hotel chain is shifting its corporate social-media strategies. After “chasing fans,”…

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Outside the Linhart PR Office: Questions with Dawn Doty

In our ongoing series, here’s what Dawn Doty, vice president and partner, told us about her life outside the office: What do you enjoy collecting? It’s a tie between two “things:” experiences and books. On experiences: I love the eye-opening experiences travel provides. Hiking up to the Tiger’s Nest Monastery in Bhutan while hearing our…

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Kaizo helps raise online profile for Society of Biology
Kaizo has been appointed by the Society of Biology, to raise the online profile of the Society’s Degree Accreditation Programme, which highlights the degrees that have the potential to educate the life science leaders and innovators of the future. The Society of …
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Four Ideas for Understanding and Tapping the Power of Introverts

On an airplane a few weeks ago, I was reading Susan Cain’s book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World that Can’t Stop Talking.” Midflight, the middle-aged man next to me whispered, “That book was life changing for me.  I discovered I’m actually an introvert.”  Thinking about his comment now, what’s most striking is…

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Movebubble finds a home at Kaizo
Kaizo chosen to help launch the Shoreditch property tech start-up New online platform for property rental, Movebubble, has appointed Kaizo to help launch its service to landlords and renters in the UK. Movebubble, which offers a range of free tools …
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Starbucks Trail Blazes Education For Its Employees
As the battle for raising the minimum wage rages on in Washington, DC, with not too much hope for a resolution for the underemployed to get out from under, along comes an innovative corporation with an idea that trumps Congress’ endless battle. (

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Wake Up, Live Más

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The Art of Survey Creation

Executing survey campaigns can be extremely effective for our clients. The data gleaned from market surveys can be turned into press releases, market briefs and infographics, and, equally importantly, used in email marketing, sales presentations and media campaigns.

These surveys can help emphasize a company’s value, highlighting new trends in the industry and demonstrating an understanding of what’s driving them. Furthermore, the results often have a long shelf-life, with other businesses, articles and reports referencing the data more than a year later.

Given the value these surveys provide, it’s simple to say, “let’s just run a survey.” But, it’s important to ask a few questions before diving in.

  • Do we even need a survey? Understand the goal of your survey and what important industry questions and topics the data will address.
  • What story will the data tell? It’s easy to get lost in a flurry of potential questions when brainstorming for a survey campaign, but focus on building an intriguing story from the survey data.
  • Where is the controversy? Nobody is going to find interest in a survey that explains that 99% of people like sunny days more than rainy days. Finding survey data that bucks conventional thinking or highlights a new trend is far more useful than a survey that backs up what people already know.
  • Why? It’s easy to highlight the survey data, but always offer the reasoning behind the data. If 90% of respondents are saying one thing, offer an explanation and an idea for how to capitalize on that.

Survey strategy, like other facets of marketing, are constantly evolving. Don’t forget to take a temperature check every now and then to make sure your survey tactics are still relevant. Just this week at Corporate Ink, our team sat down for a discussion on the best tactics for creating a successful survey campaign, sharing some of our successes and failures and reiterating the core questions behind any survey.

By: Gil Haylon Twitter: @GilHaylon

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The Who, What, Where, and Why of Content Strategies

chess figurinesCreative content budgets are expected to swell this year, but most businesses are still struggling to string together an effective content strategy. Before jumping in to your next campaign, consider the who, what, where, and why of your content strategy:

1. Why? Developing a strategy is critical to the success of your content. Content can go a long way, but only if it’s aligned with your goals. Don’t just create content for content’s sake or to keep up with whatever your competition is doing. A well thought out strategy gives you a definitive plan of action, and a higher probability of moving your buyers through the funnel.

2. Who? Know who will be receiving which pieces of content. It may sound obvious, but it’s surprising how many businesses don’t adequately segment their databases. Separating industries is important, but identifying where buyers are in the sales funnel will help you share the right content with the right people.

3. What? “Content” is a fairly vague term that encompasses several different types of collateral—blog posts, whitepapers, infographics, case studies, etc.—and each type has its own purpose. For example, you probably wouldn’t create an elaborate infographic for a commentary on an industry news story that’s better suited for a blog post. By making sure your content is in the right form, it becomes easily digestible and more likely to be meaningful to your recipients.

4. Where? Sales emails should be a no-brainer, but don’t forget to meet your buyers where they’re most active on social. By keeping tabs on social conversations, you can share relevant content when your buyers want it most.

Bonus: How? How can you guarantee a successful content campaign? In all honesty, there’s no guarantee that your content will be successful —and that’s okay. Marketing is full of trial and error scenarios, and content creation is no different. But before diving headlong into content creation, take a step back and make sure you have a clear understanding of the who, what, where, and why of your content strategy. To learn more about using content to connect with your buyers, check out “How B2B Prospects Consume Content.

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So Who’s in Your Framily?

Yeah, there could be a new word. It might last for today’s social minute, or become another meme. In case you’ve been sleeping (or not watching commercial TV), it comes courtesy of Sprint, which has figured out that our shared hunger for community and connection is coinciding with a rapidly changing sense of just who our family might be.

Enter the Framily – friends and family. For Sprint, and maybe us, too, it’s a new way to re-define our connections, and loyalty.

What’s the PR lesson here? Spending a lot of money always helps penetrate the social conscience. But it goes much, much further when it also hits the emotional convergence of personal and business needs. That’s when you can change how even the most skeptical consumers think about their worlds – and your product. Even the most wary – like IT buyers – drop their barriers when a messages resonates on a personal level. That’s why it’s so important to understand what makes business buyers tick on a personal, emotional, and professional level.

In terms of Sprint’s rapid success, I give a lot credit to the person who figured out the connection between our ‘sharing economy’ and how we connect in other ways. (Start with AirBnB, Aero, KickStarter, and CitiBikes, all just the beginning.)

I’m not sure I would have thought of it. Now I’m wondering how B2B companies can move to the center of this concept. It’s more than online communities, user groups and advisory boards. Software companies started this a couple of decades ago, with OpenSource. That means the culture is there, and the users – well, they’re already sharing apartments, bikes, cars and phones.


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3 Signs You Need a Marketing Automation Tool

Have you considered making the leap to a marketing automation tool like Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot or Act-On? Deciding to use a new technology can be a daunting decision. If you’re wavering on your decision, check out these three signs that you might benefit from a marketing automation tool.

1. You’re in desperate need of better leads

Congrats if you have a database with up-to-date leads and a full pipeline. But for those of you who are digging through dirty, outdated data and duplicates, don’t worry, it happens. There are a plethora of tools on the market that can help you clean up your data, but the best way to maintain a clean database is to use a marketing automation tool.

With marketing automation you can use tools like form builders to glean important information about your inbound leads. Once you have them in your marketing automation program, you’ll be able to keep tabs on who’s engaging with your content and who are the strongest leads for you.

2. You’re consistently a step or two behind your prospects

One of the keys to successfully selling into your prospects is anticipating their needs. Marketing automation tools provide consistent and automated alerts about the activities that your prospects are taking online and in email. Additionally, you can also set up automated actions so that they can quickly receive another piece of relevant information – without any human delay.

3. There’s lack of internal communication 

In a perfect world, sales and marketing are perfectly in tune and working together to engage and nurture leads. The reality is, though, that everyone is often so focused on their individual to-do lists that communication quickly flies out the door.

Using a marketing automation tool gives marketing departments visibility into the effectiveness of their efforts, and also into the steps that sales took with the leads. It can also improve communication within sales departments – ensuring that no prospect is being unknowingly nurtured by two salespeople.

For help deciding which marketing automation tool fits your needs, check out our post “What to Look for in an Email Automation Platform.”


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Conférence Femmes d’influence, Montréal, 1er avril 2014
Le 1er avril 2014, j’ai prononcé une allocution sur mon parcours d’entrepreneure et ma vision des relations publiques. J’en ai profité pour parler de l’importance d’accepter et d’exprimer sa différence de même que de celle de vivre une vie pleinement satisfaisante. Tagged: CASACOM, conference, femmes d'influence, marie-josee gagnon, women of influence

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Rise of the Contributor: How the Increasing Number of Contributors and Freelancers Affects the PR World

The model for newsrooms and publications is changing, and with that, reporting staffs are shrinking. For PR professionals, this means finding creative ways to make media connections.

According to a recent report from the Freelancers Union, one in three Americans currently hold freelance jobs – the world of journalism is no different. As full-time reporters are becoming more sparse, freelancers and contributors are growing in numbers – just look at Forbes and its contributor network as an example of how the content creation cycle is changing. News outlets are moving to cut costs and use freelancers and contributors to tackle topics and stories that their staff reporters don’t have time for.

What does this mean for PR pros? It’s imperative to target freelancers and contributors as meaningful avenues to coverage. At our most recent weekly media strategy meeting, our team planned to put a renewed focus on building relationships with the growing number of new contributors and freelancers. Many of these contributors and freelancers have more narrow coverage topics than the full-time reporters.

As a result, our team is taking more time to monitor what contributors are covering, how often they are writing and which outlets are publishing their work. This allows for us to make connections and provide valuable story ideas crafted for their writing niche. The media landscape is seeing many changes and will continue to see more.

The rise of the contributor is just one new aspect to keep an eye on from a PR perspective.

By: Gil Haylon Twitter: @GilHaylon

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Giving Credence To A Fugitive
He has been called many things, ranging from a traitor to a whistleblower to a protector of privacy rights, but what no one can argue with is that he is a fugitive from the USA because he has broken laws -- such as stealing documents that are not his to steal, and revealing them to international audiences that are not his to reveal, and setting himself up as the judge and jury, in violation of his contractual agreements.

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Facebook Is Ten.

There is no question that in its first ten years, Facebook has transformed the way we live. There is no argument. We may now know more details of people we met only once in our lives, than we do of our neighbors’ lives next door or across the street. Our kids can interact with “friends” across the world and may know more about them than they do about the ones they see everyday at school. Our employers know more details about people they are recruiting than they ought to know. The community is the world, but it is not the neighborhood. [...]

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Sturges Word Communications Wins Seven PRISMs at 2013 PRSA Awards Show
Kansas City, Mo. October 14, 2013 – Sturges Word Communications won four Gold PRISM Awards and three Silver PRISM Awards for various client campaigns at the latest PRISM Awards Gala hosted by the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA). The 2013 PRISM Awards Gala was held at Club 1000 […]

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Sturges Word Communications Adds Two to Staff
Kansas City, Mo. November 1, 2013 – Sturges Word Communications added two new members to its staff. Katie Garcia joins as account executive and Michelle Cheesman as senior account manager. Garcia previously worked in social media and public relations for Silpada Designs and Beauty Brands and brings a breadth of knowledge around new media and […]

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30 From 30: Know Thyself, Know Thy Audience
One of my most vivid childhood memories was sitting in front of the black and white television in my parents’ living room and watching major news events broadcast by one of the then three major networks.  The moonwalk, various presidential elections, the assassination of Martin Luther King, a major offensive in the Vietnam War all [...]

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